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Latvia Tightens Border Security, No Entry for Russians

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Latvia’s president-elect on Saturday said the Baltic state had tightened its border security in response to the mutiny underway in Russia and would not be admitting Russians. online news

“Latvia is closely following the developing situation in Russia… Border security has been strengthened, visa or border entry from Russians leaving Russia due to current events won’t be considered,” Edgars Rinkevics said on Twitter.

“Latvia will not issue humanitarian or other types of visas,” added the president-elect, who is also still the foreign minister.

Latvia had already last year stopped issuing new visas to Russian citizens, but it had until now made an exception for humanitarian visas.

It is unclear if the visas issued thus far will remain eligible for entry.

In neighbouring Estonia, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas also said “border security has been strengthened”.

“I also urge our people not to travel to any part of Russia,” she added.

In the most serious challenge yet to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s long rule, the chief of the Wagner mercenary group said his troops had seized a key military headquarters overseeing the offensive in Ukraine.


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