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It may be one of the driest places on Earth — a brutal, alien landscape where life seems impossible. But Chile’s massive Atacama desert is a unique and fragile ecosystem that experts say is being threatened by piles of trash dumped there from around the world. Mountains of discarded clothing, a graveyard of shoes, and rows upon rows of scrapped tires and cars blight at least three regions of the desert in northern Chile.   Courtesy of AFP

(Above)  On May 1, 2023, in Paris, thousands of people commenmorated May Day and protested against President Macron’s pension reforms.

Last month hearings on the commemoration of Nakkba were held.

Tara Devlin’s commentary presented on May 26, 2023

On May 19, 2023, Greece’s Syriza Party held its rally

The UN’s Security Council holds another hearing on the situation in Ukraine.

Congress’ hearings on the failure of Silicon Bank.

The UN’s hearing on the Sahel

In Paris, during the first week of May, protests werebeing held against the government’s pension reforms.

In Kabul, in late April, women were protestsing against the Taliban’s harsh treatment of women.

Last month, in Crimea, a depot was struck.

Recently experienced damage in Ukraine

China’s foreign ministry and the South China sea

Conflict in Khartoum, Sudan

During the first few weeks of April, Paris has seen more demonstrations against President Macron’s “pension reforms”.

Fighting around Backhmut in Ukraine

Alerts and heightened vigilance at the Straits of Taiwan

Israeli settler protests in the Occupied West Bank, during April 2023

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, during the early part of April

Using gentle, circular motions, an art restorer gently cleans the painting of a half-nude woman that was censored more than 300 years ago by a prudish descendant of Michelangelo. The piece by Artemisia Gentileschi, the Italian Baroque’s trailblazing woman artist, is undergoing a months-long restoration to rediscover her original vision, hidden for centuries under a thick layer of strategically placed paint.

An albino ocelot spends her days hunting dummy prey and climbing small logs at a conservation park in Medellín, where scientists interpret the unprecedented find as a symptom of the deforestation of the feline’s natural habitat in Colombia.

(At left) At one of its deserts, Chile’s huge and ever expanding landfill.  AFP

Geneva – UN trade and development agency head Rebeca Grynspan holds presser on the Black Sea agreements

Ukraine’s missile attack within Poland’s

Thousands rally in Stepanakert, the biggest city in – and de facto capital of – the self-proclaimed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh which seceded from Azerbaijan, to protest the blockade of the Lachin corridor, the only land link to Armenia.

Images show nurses in front of London’s St Thomas’ Hospital amidst unprecedented walkouts. Up to 100,000 nurses around the UK are staging a one-day strike as a “last resort” in their fight for better wages and working conditions.

NASA rolls out its largest-ever rocket to a launch pad in Florida and will try again 10 days from now to blast off on a much-delayed uncrewed mission to the Moon.

During the week of October 10, 2022, the UN General Assembly held a session, concerning the war in Ukraine.  Courtesy of Agence France Presse

Women demonstrated in Washington, D.C. weeks ago, protesting and meeting to support women’s rights.