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On this 14th day of June 2024, the UN Security Council is holding a meeting on the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Russian nuclear-powered submarine Kazan left the bay of Havana on Monday followed by the Frigate Admiral Gorshkov ahead of expected military exercises in the Caribbean.

The fleet, made up of a frigate, a nuclear-powered submarine, an oil tanker and a rescue tug, crossed into Havana Bay on the 12th of June after drills in the Atlantic Ocean.  Courtesy of the Associated Press.    Video recorders & presenters:   Oswaldo Angulo; Ariel Fernandez and Milexsy Duran.

Anti-racism groups joined French unions and a brand-new left-wing coalition in protests in Paris and across France on Saturday against the surging nationalist far right as frenzied campaigning is underway ahead of snap parliamentary elections.

The French Interior Ministry said 21,000 police and gendarmes would be deployed at the rallies with authorities expecting between 300,000 and 500,000 protesters nationwide. Courtesy of the Associated Press.


On this 14th day of June 2024, Tara Devlin is presenting her commentary.

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