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On this 29th day of September Tara Devlin presents her commentaries

China’s “Porcelain Capital” Jingdezhen is attracting droves of young people drawn to the city of artisans in search of an escape from the urban rat race among its ceramics workshops.

28-year-old illustrator, He Yun, enjoys a panoramic view of the surrounding green hills for just 500 yuan ($68) a month. After she was laid off she chose to make the move to Jingdezhen and found a place where she didn’t feel “any pressure”.

“It’s really crazy”, says a New Yorker in Brooklyn as heavy rains overnight in the northeastern United States leave parts of New York City under water, with flooded streets and highways with half-submerged cars. “This is a bad flood I’m sure it is but it’s something we’ve seen before”, says another resident.

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