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Russia Wants Kyiv to Vow no Military Use of Grain Corridor

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Russia said Monday it wanted “commitments” from Ukraine not to use the grain exports corridor for military purposes, after an attack on its Crimea fleet led to Moscow suspending its involvement in a foodstuffs export deal. online news

“There cannot be a question of guaranteeing the safety of any object in this area until Ukraine makes additional commitments not to use this route for military purposes,” the Russian defence ministry said on Telegram.

It also called on the United Nations to “get guarantees from Ukraine that it would not use the humanitarian corridor and Ukrainian ports designated for exports of agricultural products for hostile acts against Russia”.

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Moscow on Saturday pulled out of the landmark Turkey and UN-brokered deal that it signed with Kyiv in July that allowed vital grain exports after what it said was a “massive” attack on Russian ships in the Black Sea.

Ukraine has labelled it a “false pretext”.

Moscow’s forces alleged British “specialists” had helped prepare and train Kyiv to carry out Saturday’s strike. London has denied the claims.

Russia’s suspension has raised fears of worldwide shortages as the grain deal is critical to easing the global food crisis caused by the conflict.

Several ships carrying Ukrainian grain continued to use the maritime corridor Monday.

The Kremlin said it would be “dangerous” to enforce the agreement without its involvement.


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