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No Injuries as Shot-Down Russian Missile Falls on Moldova Village

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The Moldovan government said a Russian missile shot down by Ukrainian air defences fell on a village in northern Moldova on Monday, but without causing any injuries. online news

The country’s interior ministry said the missile fell on the village of Naslavcea close to the Ukrainian border.

“So far there are no reported victims, but the windows of several houses in Naslavcea were destroyed,” it said.

Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu announced the expulsion of a Russian diplomat in protest at the “intensified attacks” on Ukraine.

These “are having severe spillover effects on Moldova, threatening our energy and human security”, Popescu wrote on Twitter.

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Russia’s ambassador was summoned on Monday “and notified of our decision to declare a Russian diplomat persona non grata”, he added.

Ukraine said on Monday that Russian strikes had hit power and water supplies in Kyiv after more than 50 cruise missiles were launched at targets across the country.

The falling of debris on Moldova is the latest spillover from the conflict in Ukraine into the country, which like its neighbour is a former part of the Soviet Union with a pro-Western government.

Moldova said on October 10 that Russian cruise missiles targeting Ukraine had crossed its airspace, and summoned Moscow’s envoy to demand an explanation.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees have flooded into Moldova since Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February.

Moldova was, along with Ukraine, granted candidate status by the European Union in a show of support in the face of Russia’s offensive.

Moldova has a small breakaway region, Transnistria, which is armed and supported by Russia.


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