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I hope we all have boatloads of it in 2023

By Cindy Sheehan

I am basically an optimistic person—I mean what other kind of individual would dedicate their lives to bringing down the U.S. Empire and actually think there was a chance of doing that? editorials

However, the past three years have admittedly beaten me down.

The measures against Covid and the push for an experimental mRNA therapy have proven to be counter-productive and have ruined millions of lives from the young to the elderly. People are being made homeless, penniless, sick, dead, and hungry.

Anyway, this is where I would wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I have little hope that 2023 is not going to be a shitshow that trumps the past three years. Can we call them the Batshit Covid Era (BCE)?

In addition, we also have the mental toddler in the White House who seems bound and determined to end his useless life by murdering us all through thermonuclear annihilation.

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The powers that are, but shouldn’t be, seem hellbent on controlling every aspect of our lives: who we can associate with, freely; what and how we think; where we can travel; the food we eat; and what we do, or do not, inject into our bodies. They even feel like they can control a woman’s right to reproductive freedom over her own body. The powers that are, but shouldn’t be, welcomed a Tiny Tin-Pot dictator to WashedUp, DeCeit to DEMAND that we fork over our precious treasure for more murder while millions of us here in the US are suffering from homelessness, food insecurity, violence, astronomical energy prices, appalling education and medical “care;” and crumbling infrastructure, to name a fraction of this nation’s issues.

Many of us have been isolated, or ostracized from our families, or communities, and I have a feeling that’s how the control-freaks like it.

However, I said “little” hope, before.

There is still part of the old intrepid and indefatigable Cindy Sheehan in here that believes through international solidarity and individual struggle, we will defeat fascism in our own communities, states, nations, and the world. We have seen inspirational uprisings and opposition making a huge difference, which gave me hope.

After Casey was killed in 2004, I thought my life was over, but I still love my surviving children. Love was there. I love the people of Iraq who were paying the largest price for that U.S. war crime. Love was there.

Love literally saved my life when I was at my darkest point and has sustained me for some very difficult struggles.

Love is powerful.

Love can defeat the diabolical hate and contempt that the billionaires and their toady politicians have for the rest of us.

This is not some smarmy, new-agey bullshit, I KNOW Love will be there with, and, in me.

Love is there for all of us, somewhere.

I wish all of you Love in 2023.

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