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Yellen Says US in Talks With Allies to Cap Russian Oil Price

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The United States is in talks with allies to further restrict Russia’s oil revenues by capping the price it would get for its crude, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said during a visit to Canada on Monday. Bulletin news

“We are continuing to have productive conversations with our partners and allies around the world on how to further restrict energy revenues to Russia, while preventing spillover effects to the global economy,” Yellen told a news conference.

“We are talking about price caps or a price exception that would enhance and strengthen recent and proposed energy restrictions (imposed by the US and allies)… that would push down the price of Russian oil and depress Putin’s revenues while allowing more oil supply to reach the global market,” she said.

A price cap, she explained, would “prevent spillover effects to low income and developing countries that are struggling with high costs of food and energy.”

Yellen was in Canada to strategize with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on how the two countries will continue to address the Ukraine crisis, tackling soaring inflation, firming up global supply chains and securing critical minerals.

Both agreed it was largely up to central banks to manage inflation, but left open the possibility of targeted measures by their respective governments to ease the pinch on Americans and Canadians struggling with higher gasoline and grocery bills.


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