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War in Ukraine: Latest Developments

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The European Commission urges EU members to reduce demand for natural gas by 15 percent over the coming months and to give it the powers to impose gas rationing in preparation for a winter without Russian gas, or with a much reduced supply. online news

“Russia is using energy as a weapon and therefore, in any event, whether it’s a partial major cut off of Russian gas or total cut off… Europe needs to be ready,” European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen says.

In a draft plan seen by AFP the Commission asks member states to turn down the heating and air-conditioning in public and commercial buildings.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and the West responded with sanctions, Russia has begun reducing its gas deliveries to EU members, including Germany, and in the case of Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, halting them altogether.

  • Russia’s aims go beyond Donbas: Lavrov –

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says President Vladimir Putin’s designs on Ukraine go beyond the eastern Donbas region which Moscow made its focus after failing to take the capital Kyiv and second city of Kharkiv.

In an interview with Russian state media he says “it is not only about the DNR and LNR”, referring to the two territories that make up the Donbas, but also about the Russian-occupied southern Kherson region, the partly-occupied southeastern Zaporizhzhia region “and a number of other territories”.

He says Western arms shipments to Kyiv, including the supply of medium-range US multiple rocket launchers, had made Moscow review its aims.

Russia cannot allow Ukraine “to have weapons that will pose a direct threat to our territory” or to areas controlled by pro-Russian rebels, he argues.

  • Three killed in Kharkiv –

While Russian forces advance in Donbas they have also continued bombarding Kharkiv, where three people were killed by shelling on Wednesday.

Regional governor Oleg Synegubov said the dead included a 13-year-old boy. AFP journalists see a man in shock kneeling over the body of a boy in a blue sweatshirt.

Elsewhere, two people were killed in artillery strikes on the southern city of Nikopol, near Zaporizhzhia.

  • ‘No sense’ in peace talks: Lavrov –

In the same interview Lavrov also declares that peace talks with Ukraine make no sense “in the current situation”.

He accused Kyiv of having “no desire to discuss anything in earnest.”

The two sides made some headway during talks in the first month of the conflict but they stalled after the discovery of the bodies of hundreds of civilians massacred in areas that had been occupied by Russian forces.

  • No Ukraine grain unless Russia cereals lifted: Putin –

Putin demands that the West first lift export bans on Russian grain before Moscow agrees to facilitate exports of Ukrainian grain stuck in that country’s blockaded ports.

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After talks with the presidents of Iran and Turkey in Tehran Putin declares: “We will facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain, but we are proceeding from the fact that all restrictions related to possible deliveries for the export of Russian grain will be lifted”.

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People with a dog ride in the bus during evacuation near Lyman, Ukraine, Wednesday, May 11, 2022. (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

The war in Ukraine has hampered shipments from one of the world’s biggest exporters of wheat, causing fears of worsening food shortages in Africa particularly.

Ukrainian and Russian military delegations are expected in Istanbul this week for a second round of talks on ending the impasse.


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NATO’s Three Fronts

By Declan Hayes

On his recent visit to Israel, POTUS Biden reaffirmed the commitment of NATO, the USA and its satrapies in other words, to achieve total victory on their three fronts of Russia, China and Iran.

On his recent visit to Israel, POTUS Biden reaffirmed the commitment of NATO, the USA and its satrapies in other words, to achieve total victory on their three fronts of Russia, China and Iran.

Iran must be stopped acquiring nuclear weapons, which would pose a threat to Israel, whose own illegal nuclear arms are a real, present and criminal threat to the entire Levant and beyond. Saudi Arabia, which remains a key NATO ally with its appalling track record in Yemen to prove it, must be further armed to stop Iran’s Shias and the region’s other minorities living in peace. POTUS Biden hopes that, between them, Israel and Saudi Arabia, together with a collection of other equally contemptible glorified gas stations masquerading as countries, can emulate Israel’s campaign in Gaza, whose residents have been deliberately kept on near starvation rations ever since Operation Cast Lead. Whether it is Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq or Yemen, those who oppose NATO’s hegemony must be reduced to penury.

Moving on from that Hitlerian logic, NATO’s money laundering Mecca of Ukraine presents a slightly different conundrum as Russia’s formidable Armed Forces must be factored into NATO’s calculus. As long as that front is confined to Ukraine, Russia must prevail and NATO’s defeat seems, at first glance, inevitable. However, if we factor in the secondary objectives of bankrupting the EU and delivering it lock, stock and barrel into the hands of NATO’s Anglo American masters, then NATO’s Ukrainian campaign makes sense. Firewood is being rationed throughout Europe, Germans are being ordered not to shower and communal heat areas are being organized for when General Winter next visits the Rhine. Instead of working from home or walking to work, Germans are being told to cluster together for heat in shivering groups as their forefathers did at Stalingrad until spring arrives and they can thaw out and, NATO say, build back better.

And then there is China, where NATO’s fireworks promises to be spectacular. Though I get that, as FLOTUS Jill Biden thinks that tacos epitomize Latino culture, she probably imagines the Chinese are nothing more than pig tailed rickshaw drivers with an endearing fondness for noodles, Latinos, Chinese, Iranians and Russians bring much more to the table than a bowl of borscht.

Iran’s potent military have the capacity to close off the Straits of Hormuz in an eye blink and, while NATO’s nodes of Saudi Arabia and Israel find themselves facing more incoming than they can imagine, Iran’s vast mountain ranges provide cover from any missiles NATO’s Saudi and Israeli proxies direct at them. Given NATO can’t slaughter the Yemeni with impunity, heaven help them in Iran. Attacking China will globalize the conflict and, given the edge Russia and China have in space, even make outer space a theater as Elon Musk’s spy satellites become legitimate targets.

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Although Tom Cruise and whatever remains of Hollywood could make great movies about these latter day Crusades, their likelihood of success is minimal. If not even the great Napoleon could prevail after bleeding his armies dry in Spain, Egypt and Russia, what chance do NATO and the World Economic Forum have after their proxies are mauled in Ukraine, Lebanon and Taiwan? Sure, NATO might prevail in a Hollywood High Noon shootout where Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney always carry the day, but in real life? What chance have they against Iran and her allies, who see themselves fighting and dying for all that they believe and hold dear? What chance have they against Russia, which lords the Ukrainian ring? What chance have they against China, which has a totally different military legacy and the hardware to underpin it?

Not much I imagine but then I am not Ursula von der Leyen, the senile Joe Biden or his crack cocaine addicted son. I don’t see the logic of destroying Sri Lanka, impoverishing European farmers, starving, for the umpteenth time, new generations of Africans to death, enslaving China, robbing Iran and getting Tom Cruise and Donald Duck to star in movies eulogizing all of that.

I do not see the logic. But nor do they. Von der Leyen, Schwab, together with the Biden, Clinton and Obama families see the world as their oyster and all its inhabitants as theirs to control or cull. They said as much before, that Iraqi children were there to be culled, like a mice plague in Southern Australia or Jews in Nazi Germany.

NATO’s plans have always been those of conquest, never of cooperation, brain dead Napoleons and Alexanders, who ration the calories the children of Gaza get and who demand to control the price Russia and Iran can sell their oil to China and India at.

These cardboard Caesars have overdosed on Hollywood, on tales of John Wayne, Audie Murphy and the ménage à trois of Cleopatra and a brace of Caesars. Instead of Julius Caesar and the snub nosed Cleopatra, Schwab, von der Leyen and the Bidens should look at Valerian Caesar, whom the Persians captured at the battle of Edessa, after which he finished his days as a human footstool before meeting a most ignominious death at the hands of his new owners.

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Though few would want the incontinent Biden or his crack addicted son as a footstool, that is to get us away from the key point. These criminal war mongers belong nowhere near the levers of power, not even as human footstools. Like the Romans before them, they have picked unwinnable fights on all edges of NATO’s creaking empire and, like the Valerians and Caligulas of old, they have destroyed their internal economies and those dependent on them. Like ancient Rome’s rulers before them, NATO’s sawn off Caesars have brought the world crashing down about us, like they were Samson or Heracles of old.

They are not. They and their cronies are petty, venal cretins, who must be held to account, as Valerian was before them, for their legions of crimes not only against the peoples of Russia, China and Iran but against all others as well. Fighting words perhaps but prophetic too. Caligula, Domitian, Nero, Valerian and Vespasian all fell for the same reason NATO will. Just as Rome could not defy the tides of history, so also are all economic indicators declaring NATO, with Biden, Schwab, von der Leyen, Zelensky and their other circus acts at the helm will crash when General Winter marches back into their European spawning grounds.

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