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Greek Opposition Leader says targeted by Predator spyware

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The leader of Greece’s Socialist opposition party filed a complaint with the country’s supreme court on Tuesday over “attempted” spying on his mobile phone with Predator malware. online news

Nikos Androulakis — who is also a member of the European Parliament — said it was vital to work out who was behind the breach.

“A few days ago I was informed by the European Parliament that there was an attempt to bug my mobile phone with Predator surveillance software,” Androulakis told the media as he left the courthouse in Athens.

“Finding out who is behind these harmful practices is not a personal matter but a democratic duty,” he added.

The European Parliament set up a special service for MEPs to check their phones for illegal surveillance software following hacks using a spyware similar to Predator called Pegasus, which can infiltrate mobile phones to extract data or activate a camera or microphone to spy on their owners.

Androulakis used the service for “a precautionary check of his phone on June 28, 2022” and “from the first check, a suspicious link related to the Predator surveillance tool was detected,” his PASOK party said in a statement.


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