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By Cindy Sheehan

I first saw this image of a tweet (account recently locked by poster) from Monica on the Coffee and Covid Substack.

Due to the subject of this piece, I thought the timing of the above was pretty synchronistic. Yesterday, I received an email from a person saying that she stopped following me and unsubscribed from whatever I was doing because I shared “misinformation and disinformation” about Covid and her harebrained punchline was “No, vitamins do NOT save you from Covid.”

After all of the mainstream source information coming out which confirms what many of us have been saying/writing/posting since early 2020, I just can’t with the people anymore who are still clinging desperately to their fairy tales. Even war hawk Republicans in the media and government are questioning the wisdom of provoking nuclear Russia—people are able to change if they open their minds and close their biases.

My only response to Lyn before I took away her right to access me via email, was “Saved me.”

It’s hard to narrow down the crimes of the “ruling” class (AKA: Garbage People) over the past three years. Especially when people of East Palestine and the Tri-state area are dealing with an environmental catastrophe that is largely being ignored, or minimized by the Garbage People. But, one of the most confusing crimes to me is how they practically criminalized being healthy.

Looking back on my 65 1/2 years, I can think of only a handful of times that I was given a prescription. The only time I had a persistent prescription—one that I was supposed to refill, was after my son was killed in Iraq in 2004. My then MD (we had Kaiser—the pill/vax mill) prescribed me a mood elevator and Ambien. I only stayed on them for about three-weeks. I flushed the Ambien, because every night, before bed, I had to struggle against taking the entire bottle. Think about it, who prescribes a grieving mother, in abject emotional pain, pills that she could use to commit suicide? The love for and from my other three children was the only thing that saved me from joining Casey. It wasn’t big pHARMa, or anything else. It was love and love can’t be put into pill form, or be injectable—-yet.

Cindy Sheehan in 2007 in editorials and commentary
WASHINGTON D.C.-MAR. 17:Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan speaks at an anti-war rally near the Pentagon in Washington D.C. on March 17, 2007. Courtesy of Shutterstock Author: Juli Hansen

My doc also put me on some kind of mood elevator—I don’t remember what it was called because I am not a pHARMa-junkie and I don’t worship chemicals. Again, being me, the one who was NOT normally a pill popper, I finally thought, “Of course you are devastated, Cin (I always call myself “Cin”), your oldest son was violently wrenched from your life. Your feelings are a natural response to an unnatural event. Feel them, deal with them, heal into them, and let’s see where we go from here.”

Today, I still can be profoundly sad, and I miss Casey as much today as I did 19-years ago, but if I had given in to the temptation to join him, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have done in his name—nor would I be able to enjoy and pour out love upon and receive immeasurable love from his four nephews and two nieces, who, together, contain in them the life force of their uncle. However, it was me, love, and my innate strength and intuition that did this—not a pill.

Anyway, going back to the scamdemic—how are some of us still alive? I am sure the Covidjits are astounded that we who thankfully avoided the mRNA mess and didn’t have a mask surgically implanted on our faces, survived. How is that even possible?

As far as I could, I rejected the diktats, whether they be face diapering, or isolation. I breathed fresh air and ate healthy foods, and took my organic supplements, plus I also got my exercise. I hugged my children and grandchildren and did everything I could to rebel against what I could intuitively and intellectually (because we followed science as well, just not $cience) tell were very unhealthy diktats—designed to undermine or destroy healthy immune systems for those few of us who still have those in this sick-ass society where “co-morbidities” and drugs for those co-morbidities are the norm. Not only were the diktats designed to destroy healthy immune systems, in my informed opinion, the fascist mandates primarily were designed to funnel people into the jab-factory—for profit and to create more chronically ill patients as consumers of their other products.

Again, Covid did NOT kill most people—it’s kill rate was far less than US imperialism’s war machine. I know many people who are in the three-plus co-morbidity club that survived Covid just fine. As I have stated before, I know several people who have dropped dead after they took the mRNA disaster, but not one that died from Covid (they all avoided the death-hospitals like the plague, pun intended). Disclaimer: If you have a friend or relative that died during this time period, I am profoundly sorry and my heart is always with the grieving. But, there are other important things to lose other than life: Especially the children, who have lost so much (including their lives, from the jabs and an alarming increase in suicide). I point my finger at the Covidjits who gladly sacrificed children for their false sense of security.

People who have taken a similar Covid path, as I, have lost friends, colleagues, jobs, incomes, but I believe we have something far more important: we have our “dastardly” health—and that really angers the Covidjits. They are scared, we are not (at least not of suddenitis).

And here I am.

My score: Zero ‘scripts; Zero jabs; Zero Covid; Zero f#cks given for Covidjits.


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