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One Dead, Several Injured in Strikes on Russian Region: Governor

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Strikes on the Russian region of Belgorod that borders Ukraine killed one person and injured several others on Sunday, the regional governor said, two days after attacks by Moscow battered Ukraine’s energy grid. online news

Air defence systems were operating over the region earlier Sunday, with strikes targeting the regional capital and a surrounding district, governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on social media.

Gladkov said “one person died and one was injured” in the Belgorod district where a poultry farm was damaged.

He posted photos of a yellow building on the farm partially destroyed, with charred rubble scattered on the ground.

Overall eight people were injured in Sunday’s strikes. Seven of them are in hospital, one in intensive care, Gladkov said.

He said more than a dozen residential buildings and several cars were damaged across the region’s main city Belgorod.

The region has been hit by shelling multiple times since President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine on February 24.

The governor has announced the construction of fortifications near the border, without specifying their length or exact location, and the formation of self-defence units.


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