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Cindy: “I Feel Like Reparations are in Order”

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By Cindy Sheehan

On a Scale of 1-100 how have the Covid measures harmed you?

I wanted to do a transcript of the audio of the Scott Adams discussion, because I think it’s pretty crucial to understanding the past three years and how to prevent another ruling-class debacle. (The discussion begins about 4:45 into the conversation.


“You won, you won completely, I did not end up in the right place” That’s what Scott Adams said about the jab.

“If Dilbert comes around can the New York Times be far behind” (Maybe)

At first, I was like, “who the hell is Scott Adams,” then I was like, “duh, he writes the Dilbert cartoon.”

And so, there’s like a little two minute video that he posted, and yeah, while he graciously admitted he was wrong about the vaccine and that he was like, what really struck me was that he put in the terms of “winning and losing,”

D: Hmmmm…

C: You know, I never put in in the framework of I’m going to win and the pro-vaxxers lost, because of the debate. I was always focused on the product to see if it’s something we want to put into our bodies, and to me, it was about choice, I made a different choice from him (Adams). I feel very good about that choice and he (Adams) said something like, “I know you all are feeling healthier and you don’t have to worry about the same complications that I have to worry about, now.”

But then, he like, even though he was being gracious, he put it in this term, like, “my (Adams’) careful analysis led me to the wrong conclusion, whereas the anti-vaxxers ‘heuristically’ came to a different conclusion, and they won.” Now, I had to look up the word “heuristic,” because even though I know the word, it’s not something we hear everyday,

D: Yeah, not in everyday lexicon.

C: I kind of felt it had the meaning of, “my intellect is superior to your intellect, but now look, the dummies won, and I lost.” Well, “heuristic” means that we kind of organically come to the conclusion, we use experience and use intuition.

And that’s what these he’s come to the same place that we are and I don’t feel like I have won anything, I have several friends who have died suddenly, they had “suddenitis” and we can’t ask what they died from, because even though they have spent the past two years with them (the pro-vaxxers) being comfortable about asking us, “are you vaxxed” we can’t ask, we can’t ask why did “so and so” die? ”Suddenly” is not a cause.”


D: Yeah

C: So, anyway, I made a different choice AND I still have to worry about people I love that are vaxxed and I worry about everybody I know who is vaxxed.

But, then like we have said over, and over, and over again, we are anti-vaxxers because we, I actually researched and did analytics myself

D: yeah,

C: but in the beginning there weren’t any. I don’t know when he (Adams) got his shots, but what statistics was he looking at? Because Pfizer wasn’t giving us any, Moderna wasn’t giving us their research, and in fact, wanted to hide them for 75 years.

But he (Adams) did say something I agree with, “They (anti-vaxxers) mistrusted the government” and he said, “it’s always correct to mistrust the government,” so, that’s true as well.

So, mistrusting the government, mistrusting these corporations and big pharma, and mistrusting the media weighed heavily in my decision making in the beginning. Right?

D: Yeah

C: But also, I didn’t have enough information to get it (the jab). I had enough information to not get it, but now, after these months after the vaccine roll-out, was, like it became available to certain demographics at the end or 2020, beginning of 2021, then it became more widely available to more demographics, then maybe like year after that—I then knew enough to know that I was not going to get it.

D: Um, hmm.

C: and also, another thing, I don’t feel like people like Scott Adams, there’s been many like him, Leana Wen from CNN who has changed her tune on Covid, Dr. Malhottra, a cardiologist from Great Britain, many doctors, of course we don’t know if it’s true or not because it’s online, but they’ve said, “I’m so sorry I took the vax and I am sorry I pushed it on others.”

D: Yep

C: We see a lot of that happening, but the thing to me is I, and I don’t tell anybody else what to do , but I weighed the risk of me getting Covid and dying from it, compared to the risk of an unknown medical intervention, right?

D: yes

C: I clearly chose that way, and I don’t feel like I won, I feel like I made a choice, and even if people made a different choice, what are they going to do about it? You have to live with it, you have to figure out how that is going to affect you, what can you do to ameliorate any adverse affects or even going forward, how can we prevent this from happening again, because a lot of people, had to get it to keep their jobs, or to see their grandchildren, or to see their grandparents, and why was that choice forced upon people?

D: Yeah, and I think going back to like I think the framing of the article is kind of problematic in and of itself it places these two camps as antagonistic. You know vaxxers against antivaxxers and I think that is very much in line with what the ruling-class want us to do. Deliniate these two camps that are antagonistic to each other, even though, you have neighbors that are in that camp, you have family members that are in that camp, you have all different kinds of groups that are interacting this way, you know it places it as a zero sum game, one side needs to win and one side needs to lose. When, really, I don’t think that’s the case at all. People like us want other people to do their research, to make an informed decision.

I mean neither of us have are in the fashion of telling people what to do.

C: Uh, huh.

D: But do research, make an educated choice, have all the information away from secrecy, away from things behind the curtain with complete transparency, away from these corporations, away from these governments, uh, I think is different, it’s not from a place of antagonism: I want you to be wrong, I want this, that or the other, like you’ve said, we have people who have received all the vaccines and received all the boosters, and we don’t want to be correct,

C: No, hell, no

D:Because that would mean people very close to us be put into danger, so I think again I’m glad people are coming around admitting when certain information was incorrect, or this, that, or the other, but framing it as you won, I lost, equation is very much harmful at this point.

C: Well, he’s also using the pejorative: “antivaxxer.” You know, we feel like, and I can’t speak for everybody who didn’t take the vaccine, but we feel like we were vaccine, especially, covid vaccine skeptical. I don’t know anybody (well I do know a few) who hasn’t gotten any vaccines. I have gotten vaccines, I gave vaccines to my children. Now, if I had children today, I would be way more skeptical of giving them all the vaccines—-something like 80 before they are 12 (Note: by the time they are 18 years). (Note: this figure is close if you count a yearly, one or two dose influenza vax—CDC schedule, here)

But, we’re not antivax, we’re not anti-science, we’re skeptical and you know, and maybe some people are antivax, but it shouldn’t be a pejorative and it shouldn’t be framed that way like they just kind of figured it out themselves, while the provax people did “careful analytics.” I feel like if he (Adams) really did careful analytics, he does’t seem to be an idiot, but if he did careful analytics, I believe he wouldn’t have got it.

He’s not going to lose his job, I guess, if he doesn’t get it, isn’t he like a syndicated cartoonist.

D: Yeah, so many people such as myself were put into a position, I received rounds one and two and I didn’t get any boosters.

C: Right

D: But that was a choice I didn’t make willingly without interference by employers, and you know, kind of life. Because everyone is in such precarious situations due to the economy and employment then put a pandemic which is already devastating for people and working families, then to also say that you may lose your job, you may not be able to see your grandchildren you may not be able to see your mother in the nursing home, etc, unless you get this, I think a lot of people kind of were backed into a corner and I am in a better position than a lot of people so I can only imagine the anxiety and grief that people were put through, or felt.

C: Oh my god, it’s just horrendous, this last three years have been filled with heartache and fascist diktats from politicians who aren’t medical experts and the experts who were advising them were ones who were profiting off of the measures and vaccines.

I know some teachers.

D: Umm

C: that they had to get the vaccine, then if they didn’t get the vaccine, they had to pay for their own testing ONCE A WEEK


C: You know, and was it like $40 or $50? How can teachers afford to pay that much money to do this? SO it was really like, and I am also not the person who didn’t get the vaccine who is going to shit on people who had to make those choices. Some people say, “well they should have quit their jobs,” well, those people don’t live in the real world. Because you know, yes, some people did quit their jobs, some people lost a lot, some people struggled, but you know, when you have a family, you know like you said, you should never have been put in this choice, and people who have families to support, now what to you think they’re going to choose?

D: Exactly

C: And they’re working-class, they’re not like basketball players who make $100 million a year, or something, they can afford to lose 20-30 million dollars. They’re just workers who can’t even afford to miss a paycheck.

D: No, exactly, and I think a lot of people away from labels and all that, i think this idea of precariousness and poverty and the economic reality of people who live in this country are so far removed from some people, and perhaps people think things are better off than they are to take a stand, but when you have stuff like that on the line, people are already in such bad positions Now we have an inflation crisis, now we have a student loan crisis, we have rent spiraling out of control, add to that the recession, the Capitalist’s recession because of Covid as well as the lockdowns, people couldn’t go to work. It’s a perfect recipe for forced consent.

C: Yep, and that’s a war crime. That’s not a war crime, it’s a crime against humanity. Not allowing people to make their own informed consent. I mean, they could have chosen differently, and they could have chosen to starve or be homeless, or lose everything. That is no choice, they call that a “Sophie’s Choice,” Or “Hobson’s Choice,” is something choosing between two horrible decisions. So, yeah, it’s been rough and it’s been, and again to see people apologize, and say, “let’s just move on, “ like that professor from Harvard (NOTE: Actually, the author is Emily Oster from Brown University—link)

D: Yeah, the idea of amnesty.

C: Yeah, Let’s just have a covid amnesty. Let’s have an amnesty for all of us who supported these measures that harmed so many children and elders and now suddenitis, people dying of suddenitis.

I was just listening to John Campbell from the UK this morning. He’s Phd, but he’s not a medical doctor, but he trains nurses, he’s a nurse, and he said that in young people in the UK, which included Great Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, like they’re all cause mortality from 2020 went up over 7% for 2022, and that’s a huge percentage and that’s another factor. Not only did they harm us in economic ways, social ways, and physical, but its killing people and I think people are finally starting to get that, so, but I think that reparations are in order.

D: For sure.

C: Like on a scale from 1-100 how did all of this bullshit harm your life, then you get. Some people profited greatly, the lockdowns were wonderful for them right, and all the mandates and vax mandates: they’re the ones that have to pay the reparations.

D: Yep, absolutely.

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