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COVID Booster Mandates for Young Adults Will Cause ‘Net Harm’

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Any potential benefits of the COVID-19 booster fail to outweigh the harms for young people ages 18-29, according to a peer-reviewed study published Monday in The BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics. news bulletin

Researchers performed a risk-benefit assessment and ethical analysis using data from Pfizer, Moderna and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They concluded that “booster mandates in young adults are expected to cause a net harm.”

More than 1,000 U.S. universities and colleges mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for residential students and more than 300 mandate the booster. Students who do not comply risk disenrollment.

The authors of the BMJ study concluded universities should not enforce booster vaccine mandates.

Notes from APS Radio News

In countries that have had high rates of vaccine participation, the number of virus cases has continued to increase, according to Statista.

Vaccine participation rates have been noted and recorded by APS Radio News during the past year by examining the tables presented at the website, Our World in Data.

For example, whereas as of August 9, 2021, Iceland had recorded 8,793 virus cases, as of December 9, 2022, Iceland recorded 207,504 virus cases.

Since at least the beginning of the year, Iceland’s vaccine participation rate has been about 84%. About 82% of those vaccinated have gotten at least a few doses.

During the past year and a half, Iceland’s vaccine participation rate has been over 80%.

At the same time, in February 2021, when Iceland’s vaccine participation rate was only 5%, the number of virus cases was approaching zero, according to Our World in Data.

Since December 2020, when the mRNA vaccine was brought to the public, there have been over 7 million adverse events following injections, according to the statistics that have been compiled at VAERS and at EudraVigilance of the European Medicines Agency.

VAERS is a voluntary system; doctors are not required to report injuries following injections.

The Pilgrim study, which was affilated with Harvard University, found that fewer than 1% of adverse events were recorded by VAERS.

According to Open Vaers, a website that has been tracking adverse events, in the US, there have been 2,374,283 adverse events following injections.

During the early months of 2021, a number of Scandinavian countries prohibited the use of AstraZeneca’s version of the mRNA vaccine, citiing concerns about blood clots.

At least one European country prohibited Johnson & Johnson’s version, citing similar concerns.

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